Enhancement in Ferroelectric Properties of Pb(Zr[sub 0.4]Ti[sub 0.6])O[sub 3] Thin-Film Capacitors with PtO[sub x] Electrodes

Chun-Kai Huang, Yan-Kai Chiou, Yan-Chang Chu, Tai-Bor Wu, Cho-Jen Tsai
2006 Journal of the Electrochemical Society  
The characteristics of sputtered PtO x electrodes and the ferroelectric reliability of Pb͑Zr 0.4 Ti 0.6 ͒O 3 ͑PZT͒ thin-film capacitors for memory application in relation to the oxygen content in the electrodes were investigated. The PZT thin films of 130 nm thickness were deposited on PtO x electrodes. Both Pt and PtO phases coexist and a compressive stress is also induced in the electrode after rapid thermal annealing ͑RTA͒ at 600°C. The polarization-switching characteristics, including
more » ... zation value and switching rate of PZT capacitor, are improved by using the PtO x as electrodes, especially for the bottom electrode, in comparison to that made with Pt electrodes. In addition to the enhancement in polarization-switching characteristics, the properties of fatigue endurance were tested at room temperature. High fatigue endurance ͑97% of initial remnant polarization remains after 10 10 cycles͒ can also be achieved for the capacitors having both top and bottom electrodes made with PtO x having a high oxygen content.
doi:10.1149/1.2192747 fatcat:hvo63nvywjg6dj46yk6dz3yd5u