Compliance bei der Einnahme von Kalzium und Vitamin D Präparaten von Menschen, die an Osteoporose erkrankt sind

Brigitte Unterberger
2011 unpublished
Osteoporosis according to WHO is worldwide one of the 10 most frequent diseases. The basis therapy of osteoporosis is a regularly doses of Calcium and Vitamin D drugs. The Compliance of taking Calcium and Vitamin D drugs is very low and under 30%. The intention of this paper is to find out the motives for not taking Calcium and Vitamin D drugs and the possible actions coming from the nursing staff in order to advance the compliance. In this paper the theses of an qualitative research way was
more » ... sen. The interviews have been held with 8 women coming from an osteoporosis self- help group. The evaluation of the data was according to the qualitative content analysis of Mayring. In many cases the compliance of taking Calcium and Vitamin D preparations depends on the ability to integrate the taking of medicaments into daily life of the patient. To what extent nursing staff is able to advance the compliance, depends on how much time they can devote to the patient and the quality of passing on the knowledge to the patient.
doi:10.25365/thesis.17508 fatcat:alruekqsurgizdcv3bkjwg6yym