R Vinothkumar, S Vishnu, S Santhanalakshmi, M Sudhakaran, Asst Prof
2016 Scope International Journal of Science, Humanities, Management and Technology   unpublished
In this paper a new induction motor drive is designed, which provides a single phase to three phase conversion as well as acts as motor drive. Using effective 4 switch structure and a quasi z-source inverter, voltage boost even greater than the supply voltage can be achieved. The use of input capacitor in the traditional Z source inverters is not present in the proposed topology and also the shoot through duty ratio effectively establishes soft switching of the semiconductor devices. The
more » ... devices. The proposed circuit could also be operated in the bi-directional mode by replacing the input diode with a bi-directional switch. Since 4 switches instead of the traditional 6 switches are used, the costs of the circuit along with switching losses are reduced and the control method for this circuit is much simpler than the traditional 6 pulse circuit.