«Schools for Patients» with Urolithiasis and Prostatic Diseases

N. K. Gadjiev, D. S. Gorelov, G. N. Akopyan, V. A. Gelig, A. O. Ivanov, S. B. Petrov, N. U. Kryukova, S. A. Reva, Yu. A. Ponomareva, A. S. Al-Shukri, A. A. Mischenko, M. A. Kogai (+10 others)
2020 Vestnik Urologii  
Improvement of patients' knowledge about their disease is an important part of management of chronic diseases. One of the effective methods to increase the level of medical education of the population is to hold regular meetings with patients within the framework of «schools for patients». Urolithiasis is one of the most common urological diseases (3.5‒9.6% of the population). In addition to its high prevalence, Urolithiasis has a high recurrence rate (50‒75% over 5‒10 years). The most common
more » ... . The most common prostate diseases are prostatitis, benign hyperplasia, and cancer. These diseases have a chronic course and require а long-term observation. Treatment of urolithiasis and prostatic diseases is one of the priority fields for the urology department of the Pavlov First St. Petersburg State Medical University. In addition to surgical treatment, the specialists of urology department take measures aimed at prevention of recurrence and complications of these diseases. Schools for patients with urolithiasis and prostate diseases are held every 3 months. The topics for discussion are chosen by the patients themselves. In addition to reports, patients undergo ultrasound of the kidneys, bladder and prostate, as well as consultations. Participation in schools of patients creates a conscious attitude to their disease, increases adherence to treatment and improves the prognosis of the disease. The distribution of such programs corresponds to the modern concept of preventive medicine and increases the efficiency of providing medical care to the population.
doi:10.21886/2308-6424-2020-8-1-110-120 fatcat:z4uuqfyyfrg5vgrmd4znlrzqkq