Key criteria for the design of polymeric stabilizers for aqueous titanium dioxide dispersions of high solid content

Serge Creutz, Robert Jérôme
2001 E-Polymers  
AbstractAmphiphilic copolymers consisting of an aminated hydrophobic block and a hydrophilic poly(sodium methacrylate) one have been synthesized with different structures and tested as stabilizers for aqueous dispersions of alumina coated titanium dioxide (80 wt.-% solid). The dispersion stability is ruled by the strength of the anchoring of the aminated block onto the pigment and by the dynamics of the micelles formed by the copolymer. Any decrease in the anchoring strength, for example as a
more » ... sult of higher steric hindrance for the adsorbing block or of random rather than blocky distribution of the aminated co-units, is detrimental to the dispersion stability and makes this stability more dependent on the copolymer composition. Indeed, the position and dynamics of the unimers ⇄ micelles equilibrium then control the adsorption of the copolymer on the pigment during the grinding process.
doi:10.1515/epoly.2001.1.1.124 fatcat:erpm4lokivhjrdqymqbv2s4rpm