The GAMMA-400 gamma-ray telescope for precision gamma-ray emission investigations

N P Topchiev, A M Galper, V Bonvicini, O Adriani, R L Aptekar, I V Arkhangelskaja, A I Arkhangelskiy, A V Bakaldin, L Bergstrom, E Berti, G Bigongiari, S G Bobkov (+62 others)
2016 Journal of Physics, Conference Series  
The GAMMA-400 gamma-ray telescope with excellent angular and energy resolutions is designed to search for signatures of dark matter in the fluxes of gamma-ray emission and electrons + positrons. Precision investigations of gamma-ray emission from Galactic Center, Crab, Vela, Cygnus, Geminga, and other regions will be performed, as well as diffuse gamma-ray emission, along with measurements of high-energy electron + positron and nuclei fluxes. Furthermore, it will study gamma-ray bursts and
more » ... -ray emission from the Sun during periods of solar activity. The GAMMA-400 energy range is expected to be from ~20 MeV up to TeV energies for gamma rays, up to 10 TeV for electrons + positrons, and up to 10 15 eV for cosmic-ray nuclei. For 100-GeV gamma rays, the GAMMA-400 angular resolution is ~0.01° and energy resolution is ~1%; the proton rejection factor is ~5x10 5 . GAMMA-400 will be installed onboard the Russian space observatory.
doi:10.1088/1742-6596/675/3/032009 fatcat:e5cenx5x3zhgzeotpyh4j6sa3i