A Model for Clinical Supervision in Allied Health. The Internet Journal of Allied Health Sciences and Practice

Citation: Miller, T Miller, J Burton, D Sprang, R Adams, J; Telehealth
2003 unpublished
Telehealth technology and services have gained the attention of both clinicians and researchers examining trends and models of health care for underserved populations. Examined is a model where professional supervision for interns and other professionals may be achieved through an integrated model using onsite and telehealth technology. Examined is a model of telehealth service delivery, the interface of clinical supervision and health care and a model for supervision of allied health interns
more » ... ed health interns in rural placements. INTRODUCTION Miller, Kraus & Kaak, McDaniel Belar and Shroeder have addressed the use of telemedicine applications in rural settings for clinical supervision and health care delivery. 1,2 Telehealth is the use of telecommunications technology to provide health information and care across distance and has recently reemerged as a potentially clinically appropriate, cost-effective means of supporting patients and providers in the changing health care system. Telehealth has been considered a partial solution to the problems of delivering health care to remote areas, as well as to areas under served by health care professionals. Various projects have demonstrated a wide variety of clinical tasks that can successfully be accomplished by a television, telemetry, and voice communication systems. The need for such systems is obvious in the face of the major obstacles to providing a high standard of health care delivery and clinical supervision.