Das bildphilosophische Stichwort 13: Visual Culture/Visual Studies

Dimitri Liebsch, Mediarep.Org
2021 Image  
Visual Culture/Visual Studies Wiederabdruck des gleichnamigen Beitrags aus Schirra, J.R.J.; Liebsch, D.; Halawa, M. sowie Birk E. und Schürmann E. (Hg.): Glossar der Bildphilosophie. Online-Publikation 2013. What is visual culture or visual studies? Is it an emergent discipline, a passing moment of interdisciplinary turbulence, a research topic, a field or subfield of cultural studies, media studies, rhetoric and communication, art history, or aesthetics? Does it have a specific object of
more » ... ch, or is it a grab-bag of problems left-over from respectable, well established disciplines? Is it a field, what are its boundaries and limiting definitions? Should it be institutionalized as an academic structure, made into a department or given programmatic status, with all the appurtenances of syllabi, textbooks, prerequisites, requirements, and degrees? How should it be taught? What would it mean to profess visual culture in a way that is more than improvisatory? (William J. Thomas Mitchell; zit. nach MORRA/SMITH 2006: 8)
doi:10.25969/mediarep/16449 fatcat:npe4nphydffzfb4tfb3idwnegi