Production of Silicon Carbide Liquid Fertilizer by Hydrothermal Carbonization Processes from Silicon Containing Agricultural Waste Biomass

Mei-Yun Chang, Wu-Jang Huang
2016 Engineering Journal  
Wastes from agriculture or sewage systems have several properties, such as huge volume, high humidity, and high organic composition. According to past studies, sugarcane extract, peanut shells and rice husks have high silicon content. Chemical conversion of biomass feedstock will enhance usage and provide value to agricultural waste. In this research, we applied hydrothermal carbonization to convert silicon-rich waste biomass to produce silicon-doped liquid fertilizer. The experimental trial
more » ... prised five different treatments: the application of rice husks, peanut shells and sugarcane extract, silicon carbide fertilizer, water and soil without any additives. Concentrations used were 6% rice husk, peanut shells and sugarcane extract carbide liquid fertilizer, 30% water and 50% dried soil. The concentration effect of synthesized liquid on plant growth was compared. The statistical comparison showed that peanut shell application had a significant effect on cabbage seed germination and improved the plant's growth rate when silicon carbide content was increased. When the content of silicon carbide in the liquid fertilizer was higher than 12%, crop growth was inhibited.
doi:10.4186/ej.2016.20.4.11 fatcat:ybqe3b3jm5bv3dde7lmx3sijgi