Atypical presentation of a large pneumothorax in a young male: A case report

Yahia Yaseen Akeely, Abdelwahed Syyar Alenezy, Sultan Mohammed Al Marzouqi, Nader Bokhari, Mohammad Yousef
2022 Case Reports International  
Pneumothorax is a potentially dangerous condition that, if not properly recognized and treated, can have fatal consequences. Chest discomfort or difficulty breathing is common presenting symptoms. We present an atypical presentation for pneumothorax. Case Report: A 26-year-old male patient presented to the emergency department (ED) with complaints of pain in the right iliac fossa with localized rebound tenderness. The treating physician ordered a computed tomography (CT) abdomen to assess for
more » ... ute appendicitis. From the abdominal CT scan, the radiologist reported a significant right-sided pneumothorax. The patient was treated with a chest thoracostomy and had an unremarkable recovery. Conclusion: All alternative diagnoses are considered in light of the patient's complaint and clinical presentation. This case reminds physicians of possible atypical clinical presentations of common and serious diseases.
doi:10.5348/100110z06ya2022cr fatcat:bvx2ihavjzdjxerhl7z4deiyv4