Proliferation-dependent differential regulation of the dolichol pathway genes in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Kelley Lennon, Robert Pretel, Jared Kesselheim, Stephan te Hessen, Maria A. Kukuruzinska
1995 Glycobiology  
The dolichol pathway serves in the synthesis of the dolichollinked oligosaccharide precursor for protein iV-glycosylation. Recently, we reported that mRNAs of genes that function at the early steps in the dolichol pathway in yeast, ALG7, ALG1 and ALG2, were co-ordinately induced following growth stimulation of Go-arrested cells in a manner similar to that of the transcripts of the early growth response genes (Kukuruzinska,M.A. and Lennon,K. Glycobiology, 4, 437-443, 1994). To determine whether
more » ... determine whether the entire dolichol pathway was co-ordinately regulated with growth, we examined the expression of genes functioning late in the pathway, including two genes encoding oligosaccharyltransferase subunits, at two critical control points in the G ( phase of cell cycle: Go/G, and START. We show that early in G" at the G(/G, transition point, the late ALG genes and the two oligosaccharyltransferase-encoding genes examined were regulated co-ordinately with the early ALG genes: they were downregulated upon exit from the mitotic cell cycle into G o , and they were induced following growth stimulation in the absence of de novo protein synthesis. All the dolichol pathway genes produced transcripts with short, half-lives that were rapidly stabilized in the presence of cycloheximide. In contrast, cell division arrest late in G], at START, was accompanied by a selective downregulation of only the first dolichol pathway gene, ALG7, and not of the genes functioning later in the pathway. These results indicate that, depending on their position in G l5 cells either co-ordinately or differentially regulate the dolichol pathway genes. LUMEN p p UUP UDP-CIc ALG5 Dol-P-GIc Dol-P GIc Do
doi:10.1093/glycob/5.6.633 pmid:8563151 fatcat:yaaakbpvyzhlxiz3grbqkl3l2e