Assessing the Value of Regulation Resources Based on Their Time Response Characteristics [report]

Yuri V. Makarov, Shuai Lu, Jian Ma, Tony B. Nguyen
2008 unpublished
ph: (865) 576-8401 fax: (865) 576-5728 email: Available to the public from the National Technical Information Service, U.S. Department of Commerce, 5285 Port Royal Rd., Springfield, VA 22161 ph: (800) 553-6847 fax: (703) 605-6900 email: online ordering: This document was printed on recycled paper. v Purposely left blank for pagination vi Summary The project work was pursuing the following objectives:  Develop
more » ... ives:  Develop methodology to assess the relative value of generation resources used for regulation and load following California ISO functions  This assessment should be done based on physical characteristics including the ability to quickly change their output following California ISO signals  Evaluate what power is worth on different time scales  Analyze the benefits of new regulation resources to provide effective compliance with the mandatory NERC Control Performance Standards [1]  Develop a scope for the follow-up projects to pave a road for the new efficient types of balancing resources in California.  California ISO open access same-time information system (OASIS) data available at  California ISO real time information provided in process information (PI) process books  4-second California ISO data provided for the first 10 days of June, 2005  California ISO 5-minute automatic dispatch system data for 2006  California ISO real time data for each season of 2006 extracted from the California ISO PI database (1-minute resolution) and other databases  Projected 2010 data (1-minute resolution) used in the project "Integration of renewable resources: Transmission and operating issues and recommendations for integrating renewable resources on the California ISO-controlled grid" [2], [34]  Some other results and factual data used in [2]. vii California Energy Commission
doi:10.2172/946001 fatcat:g2mrn4snvrdvzehovepo4t7nwm