Analysis of Nidan (Etiological Factors) Of Metabolic Syndrome

2020 Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology  
Metabolic syndrome is a clustering of at least three of these-Abdominal (central) obesity, Elevated blood pressure, Elevated fasting plasma glucose, High serum triglycerides and Low high-density lipoprotein (HDL) levels. In recent years, there is an alarming increase in metabolic syndrome. The overall prevalence rate of metabolic syndrome is 33.5%. It is 24.9% in males and 42.3% in females. The terminology 'Metabolic syndrome' represents its relation with metabolism. It can be said that
more » ... ibrium of metabolism causes metabolic syndrome. The word metabolism can be correlated with 'concept of Agni' described in Ayurveda because entire range of digestive and metabolic activities of the body take place with the help of the biological fire of the body called Agni. This study was conducted to explore the nidan (Etiological factors) of metabolic syndrome based on basic concepts of Ayurveda and it suggest to think about overcoming mental stress (as one of the prominent etiological factor) while managing Metabolic syndrome.
doi:10.37506/ijfmt.v14i4.12619 fatcat:gsmlrbcc4je2fox3uz47w4lu2m