Automation of the car battery lid assembly operation

Roman Kamnik, Gregor Rodič, Matjaž Mihelj, Tadej Bajd
2001 Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing  
Automation of an assembly operation in an automotive lead/acid battery production plant is described in the paper. The operationFassembly of the polypropylene lids on the battery containersFis automated using robot technology. During the process of lid assembly, it is necessary for two plate stack electrodes to slide into two hollow lead terminals in the lid. In the part mating task the sticking is possible to occur bringing the assembly process into the halt. To design an automatic assembly
more » ... tem the lid assembly operation is considered as a problem of multiple peg-in-hole insertions. The paper investigates the basic principles of a multiple part mating task with special regard to the lid assembly. The theoretical and experimental findings are presented enabling improved understanding of the lid assembly process. On this basis, the robot workcell is built and assembly strategy proposed. Presented are the design of the workcell peripheral devices and incorporation of the workcell into the existing automotive battery production line.
doi:10.1016/s0736-5845(01)00017-5 fatcat:z56b3dnnxrhkjbv424ptgm2hnq