About an Architecture for Integrated Content-Based Enterprise Search

Manfred Grauer, Ulf Müller, Daniel Metz, Sachin Karadgi, Walter Schäfer
The main goal of knowledge management is to improve the management of information and knowledge within and across enterprises. Enterprise knowledge is embedded in enterprise's data managed in a wide range of information systems (e.g., product data management, enterprise resource planning systems). These enterprise data can correspond to textual, numerical or multimedia. In the past, several search systems have been developed to provide access to primarily text-based enterprise content like web
more » ... e content like web pages, data stored in database systems or emails. Similarly, dedicated search systems exist for searching information from multimedia data. As these search systems focus on particular enterprise content (e.g., textual data), they lack in providing a holistic view on available enterprise's knowledge. Therefore in the current contribution, architecture for integrated content-based enterprise search encompassing various enterprise data sources is elaborated. This architecture supports the exploitation of embedded enterprise knowledge. Further, the architecture is validated in an industrial scenario. Keywords-enterprise search; knowledge management; information retrieval; shape matching; image-based retrieval.