Erosion-Corrosion Protection Due to Cr3C2-NiCr Cermet Coating on Stainless Steel

Panneer Selvam Kevin, Abhishek Tiwari, Saravanan Seman, Syed Ali Beer Mohamed, Rengaswamy Jayaganthan
2020 Coatings  
Cr3C2–NiCr coatings have been used extensively to combat the erosion corrosion of hydro power turbine blades made of stainless steel. Cr3C2–NiCr coatings are also used in aqueous corrosive environments due to the high corrosion resistance rendered by the NiCr binder. In this investigation, both erosion and corrosion environments are introduced to cermet coating to study corrosion behavior using potentiodynamic polarization and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) techniques. The cermet
more » ... oatings are useful for reducing the risk of deterioration of mechanical properties of hydro power turbines due to the continuous exposure to the erosive and corrosive action of the corrosive environment containing silt. It was observed that Cr3C2–NiCr coating offered a reasonable improvement in corrosion resistance when compared to bare substrate. The corrosion behavior of the coating was studied in a 150 mL solution of 0.1 M NaCl with 2 gms of quartz particles (0.2–0.8 mm) at various rotation speeds (3000, 4500, 6000 rpm) of the solution over a 1 h immersion using potentiodynamic polarization and EIS studies in a specifically designed experimental set-up for erosion corrosion. When compared to the bare stainless steel samples at 3000 rpm and 6000 rpm, the coating showed the highest improvement at 6.57 times and the least improvement at 3.79 times, respectively.
doi:10.3390/coatings10111042 fatcat:gmrwwfo6cjaxpg5ij65rtxjmyu