Genotyping of HLA ClassI and II Molecules in Type 2 Diabetic Iraqi Patients

Ahmed K.Mohammed
2014 IOSR Journal of Dental and Medical Sciences  
Whereas the genetic risk for type I diabetes mellitus (DM) is linked to human leukocyte antigen (HLA) class II genes, the HLA association in type 2 (non-insulin-dependent DM) diabetes is less clear. The association between HLA class I and II genotypes and type 2 diabetes was examined in adult Iraqis population with a high prevalence of type 2 diabetes .HLA-A*, HLA-B*, HLA-Cw*, HLA-DRB1* and DQB1* genotyping of 60 unrelated type 2 diabetes patients (age ≥35 years) who had a strong family history
more » ... of diabetes (50 of 60 versus 0 of 40 for controls, P < 0.001) and 40 healthy subjects was done by PCR-Sequence-Specific Oligionucleotides (PCR-SSO). DRB1*1137(46.7 versus 0.0, P <0.001); DRB1*0401 (041.7 versus 2.5, P < 0.001) and DQB1*0201(83.3 versus 5.0 ,P <0.001) were positively associated, while DRB1*0701 (82.5 versus 23.3, P 0.001); DRB1*1601 (20 versus 0.0, P 0.029);A*0201(75 versus 1.7;P< 0.001);B*3559(75 versus 0.0 ;P< 0.001) and Cw*0410(77.5 versus 3 ;P <0.001) were negatively associated with type 2 diabetes. In Iraqis with type 2 diabetes, there is a significant association with select HLA class II genotypes, which were distinct from those in type 1 diabetes also significant association selected HLA class I with healthy individuals.
doi:10.9790/0853-13434448 fatcat:pvkqlmf5ifasjkvd4cosqz6bbq