Notes on the histo-pathology of typhus fever

A. C. Stevenson, Andrew Balfour
1921 The Journal of Pathology and Bacteriology  
THANES to the kindness of Captain F. E. Reynolds, R.A.M.C., now Professor of Pathology a t the Kasr-el-Aini School of Medicine, Cairo, but formerly for a time ojc 28th Mobile Bacteriological Laboratory a t Baku, we have had the opportunity of studying the tissues from five fatal cases of typhus fever occurring in the Caucasus. Of these, four were British soldiers and one an Indian soldier. Three of the former and the Indian case were diagnosed as uncomplicated. The complication in the remaining
more » ... on in the remaining British case was stated to be hsmorrhagic pneumonia, but it is possible that this was directly due to the typhus infection. Captain Reynolds kindly furnished full details of the gross pathology of the cases as determined by post-mortem examinations, which were performed from three to fifteen hours after death. We do not think that, for our purpose, it is necessary to reproduce his very careful and complete notes, and would content ourselves with saying that the microscopic appearances coincide closely with the naked-eye findings, save possibly as regards the extent of fatty change in some of the organs, which appeared less marked when studied under the microscope. The tissues handed to us had been embedded in paraffin after fixation in Pick's fluid, i.e., sod. salicylat., 10 grms. ; sod. bicarb., 4 grms.; sod. chlorid., 2 grms.; formalin, 50 c.c.; water, 1000 C.C. Our object in undertaking their examination was to compare the histo-pathological changes with those which have already been described by numerous authors, mostly Continental and American, and to see if appearances resembling what have been regarded as Rickettsia bodies could be demonstrated. It seems advisable in the first instance to give a brief and general r6sum6 of the more important recent work which has already been accomplished on these subjects.
doi:10.1002/path.1700240307 fatcat:vnckiicy2nbz5mlpdm42tmmi6e