Effects of competition with weeds on growth, development and yield of groundnuts

A.P. Everaarts
1992 Netherlands Journal of Agricultural Science  
Competition between weeds and groundnuts was studied in two field experiments in the inland Zanderij area of Suriname. The crop was kept weed-free or without weed control for increasing periods of time after planting. Observations made at the end of each period with or without weed control provided an analysis of the growth of a crop with weed control and of a crop without weed control. Uncontrolled weed growth was concentrated between the rows. Competition with weeds reduced ground cover and
more » ... ground cover and LAI of the crop. DM accumulation was affected, resulting in lower yields. Plant density and number of branches per plant were not influenced. Weed competition increased stem length and reduced the number of leaves and pods per plant. Timing of flowering was not influenced. Competition for nutrients was absent, but there was competition for light and water. About 15 weed-free days after planting were sufficient to prevent yield losses. Yield losses were due to a reduction in number of pods per plant. Competition should especially be prevented in the period when the number of pods per plant is established, i.e. around 35-60 days after planting. (Abstract retrieved from CAB Abstracts by CABI's permission)
doi:10.18174/njas.v40i1.16530 fatcat:nahoxe47bfa4lho75mzz7appdu