Intelligent Beaconing Principle based Congestion Free Routing in Vanet

Sankaragomathi M, Srigayathri M, Vijaya Lakshmi P, Senthil Madasamy N
2017 IJARCCE  
Beacons are an application which relays the details, such as distance between two nodes, coverage area and the node positions. A Beaconing activity is helpful for estimating the complete status of node and identify whether the node is suitable to make the communication or not. Once if the Beaconing activity is analyzed, the traffic estimation principles take place to avoid congestions [7] over a network. Vehicular networks [8] play an important role in wireless communications, which allows the
more » ... , which allows the node to move from one location to another location dynamically without any interruption. In this system wireless environment is created with the number of nodes and allow the source and destination nodes able to move from one location to another location dynamically during data transmission. In the proposed approach Fair Adaptive Beaconing Rate for Inter-vehicular Communications (FABRIC) algorithm [4] is used, which solves the problem of Network Utility Maximization (NUM) in a wireless environment. For all, the entire simulation results prove that the proposed approach is more convenient to perform wireless data transmission, without any congestion or traffic breakages. VANET is a type of MANET and also it provides the following which is clearly shown in Figure 1 .1  Vehicle-to-vehicle communication  Vehicle-to-Roadside communication  Routing based communication [10] Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications, The inter vehicle communication configuration uses multi hop multicast/broadcast to transmit the packet information [5] over multiple hops to a group of receivers. Vehicle-to-Roadside Communications, The vehicle to roadside communication configuration indicates a single hop broadcast where the roadside items will send a broadcast message to all equipped vehicles within the surroundings. Routing based Communications, The routing based communication [10] is a multi hop unicast, where the messages are propagated in a multi hop fashion until the vehicle carrying the desired data is reached to the destination. To secure the VANET environment, first we have to discover who are the attackers attacking the network, their nature, and capacity to damage the system [12] . On the basis of capacity of the network these attackers may be of three types. Insider and Outsider, Insiders are the authenticated members of the network.Outsiders are the intruders and hence they have limited capacity to attack.
doi:10.17148/ijarcce.2017.6389 fatcat:j34npe2tfrfjhmmic3zubkpdaq