The Criteria Underlying The Romanians Emigration Intent

Cristian Raluca, Bărăgan Laura, Georgeta Mustea, Șerban Răzvan
For the twenty-first century, the emigrants' earnings compared with those of the local population decreased due to the current economic climate and changes in the labour market of the country of destination. According to official statistics provided by Eurostat, in developed countries, compared to the previous years, as a result of the increase in the share of low skilled immigrants, the migrants' wages are very low or nonexistent in some cases-if they do not work. Although some of the
more » ... ome of the emigrants have a high level of training or higher education acquired in their country of origin, they sometimes accept certain jobs regarded perhaps even as lowering in their own country. In this article we aimed the evolution of the Romanians migration from the past years, based on a quantitative research conducted in the city of Focsani (Vrancea County).