Highly selective four-wave mixing of low-intensity radiation in a degenerate two-level atomic system

A M Akulshin, S V Barreiro, A Lezama
2000 Quantum electronics (Woodbury, N.Y.)  
Quasi-degenerate four-wave mixing (FWM) of low-intensity radiation (with an intensity less than 1 mW cm À2 ) was observed for the 5S 1a2 (F 2) À 5P 3a2 (F H 3) transition in an optically transparent 87 Rb vapour under conditions of electromagnetically induced absorption. The efficiency of frequency conversion was no less than 1% with respect to the intensity of pump waves. Nonlinear FWM is highly selective relative to the frequency detuning of pump waves (the FWM full width at half maximum was
more » ... t half maximum was less than 50 kHz). A M Akul'shin P N Lebedev Physical Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences,
doi:10.1070/qe2000v030n03abeh001687 fatcat:ztcuamq4bzf55gczrhdczf7jei