Search for Single Photons from Supersymmetric Particle Production

E. Fernandez, W. T. Ford, N. Qi, A. L. Read, J. G. Smith, T. Camporesi, R. De Sangro, A. Marini, I. Peruzzi, M. Piccolo, F. Ronga, H. T. Blume (+37 others)
1985 Physical Review Letters  
A search in e+e-annihilation for final states which contain only a single energetic photon has been performed at fi = 29 GeV with the MAC detector at PEP. The upper limit, on an anomalous signal has been interpreted in terms of mass limits for supersymmetric particles assuming radiative pair production of either supersymmetric photons or neutrinos. For the supersymmetric electron (Z) this limit is m,-> 37 GeV/c' at the 90% confidence level if mgL = rnzR and the supersymmetric photon (7) has rn? = 0.
more » ... photon (7) has rn? = 0.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.54.1118 pmid:10030935 fatcat:hrclbjkr7bbtbb2vo6o44sqtqm