CALIFA survey: The spatially resolved star formation history of massive galaxies

Rosa González Delgado, Enrique Pérez, Roberto Cid Fernandes, Rubén García-Benito, André de Amorim, Sebastian F. Sánchez, Bernd Husemann, Rafael López Fernández, Clara Cortijo, Eduardo Lacerda, Damian Mast
2012 Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union  
The Calar Alto Legacy Integral Field Area (CALIFA) project is an ongoing 3D spectroscopic survey of 600 nearby galaxies of all kinds. This pioneer survey is providing valuable clues on how galaxies form and evolve. Processed through spectral synthesis techniques, CALIFA datacubes allow us to, for the first time, spatially resolve the star formation history of galaxies spread across the color-magnitude diagram. The richness of this approach is already evident from the results obtained for the
more » ... st ~ 1/6 of the sample. Here we show how the different galactic spatial sub-components ("bulge" and "disk") grow their stellar mass over time. We explore the results stacking galaxies in mass bins, finding that, except at the lowest masses, galaxies grow inside-out, and that the growth rate depends on a galaxy's mass. The growth rate of inner and outer regions differ maximally at intermediate masses. We also find a good correlation between the age radial gradient and the stellar mass density, suggesting that the local density is a main driver of galaxy evolution.
doi:10.1017/s1743921313005097 fatcat:nasj6skgcnbclgl3n4vvat7t4i