Epidemiology of suicide in Israel and under the British Mandate, 1919-2019 [post]

Israel Oron
2021 unpublished
Aims: To provide a descriptive epidemiology of suicide in the Hebrew/Jewish population in Palestine under the British Mandate and in Israel, as a society of immigrants. Method: Information regarding the Israeli population since mid-1948 was collected from records of the Israeli Ministry of Health and the Central Bureau of Statistics. The British Mandate Administration collected and registered statistical data regarding suicide since 1938. Therefore, data for the years 1919-1937 were estimated
more » ... the author. Results: The study discerns a picture of decreasing suicide rates, in particular for suicide rates among women. In addition, analysis of suicide rates by gender reveals an uneven distribution, where more men than women died by suicide. Conclusions: The noticeable changes in the suicide rates throughout the years were influenced by the countries of birth from which the immigrants came. Thus, compared with immigrants from Europe, those from Middle Eastern and North African Muslim countries have remarkedly reduced the overall rates in Israel. The study also indicates a substantial connection of wars with the changing trends of suicide rates.
doi:10.31234/osf.io/fazgd fatcat:v6uhxtxhbnhc7drmurxbm6dxhi