Coherent manipulation of spin qubits based on polyoxometalates: the case of the single ion magnet [GdW30P5O110]14−

José J. Baldoví, Salvador Cardona-Serra, Juan M. Clemente-Juan, Eugenio Coronado, Alejandro Gaita-Ariño, Helena Prima-García
2013 Chemical Communications  
Polyoxometalate single ion magnet [GdW_30P_5O_110]^12- has been studied by generalized Rabi oscillation experiments. It was possible to increase the number of coherent rotations tenfold through matching the Rabi frequency with the frequency of the proton. Achieving high coherence with polyoxometalate chemistry, we show their excellent potential not only for the storage of quantum information but even for the realization of quantum algorithms.
doi:10.1039/c3cc44838j pmid:23955315 fatcat:gb467fljpvfwjhylmi5vdnqnay