Visual Relation Identification Using BoFT Labels in Social Media Feeds

Syari Sasi, Resmipriya
International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET)   unpublished
Social media is an online platform that became an inevitable part of individuals. Interest of online users can be detected from social graph. Social graph interrupts the privacy of online users so it is dubious. This paper adapt users interest from user shared images. Users share images on social media, it depicts the interest of users or criticism about a real time issue or despatch of users. These user shared images are reachable to other users in contact which provide an easier and
more » ... asier and systematic alternative for discovering connection between users. The proposed methodology investigates to discover user connection through a better alternative called bag-of-features tagging (BoFT). User shared images also helps to establish connection between users. By BoFT, the users interest are recognized and thereby estimate tag recommendation for users. This paper identifies the connection between users using the image sharing mechanism and determines the tag recommendation for friendship. These findings are useful for interest discovery which categorize users based on propensity of topic and the virality of user shared images are predicted. Predicting the virality of user shared images are computed based on the occurrence of images in social network.