Sporades [dataset]

Brill's New Pauly   unpublished
Citation: Liebherr JK (2020) Sporades jaechi sp. nov. with comments on classification of the New Caledonian genus Sporades Fauvel (Coleoptera, Carabidae, Trechini, Trechodina). ZooKeys 908: 123-136. https://doi.org/10.3897/ zookeys.908.48707 Abstract Sporades jaechi sp. nov. from Poum, New Caledonia is newly described and shown to be a member of the monophyletic Sporades subgenus Perileptosporades Deuve, 2010. Sporades millei Giachino and S. schuhi Donabauer are newly recognized as members of
more » ... zed as members of the subgenus Perileptosporades, and a key to its species is provided. Although Perileptosporades can be defined monophyletically relative to the rest of the genus, genitalic variation among species assigned to the nominate subgenus Sporades Fauvel, 1882 leave monophyly of that taxon ambiguously supported. Several morphological characters of long-standing use have been proposed to define the mutual monophyly of Sporades s. l. and its putative adelphotaxon, Trechodes Blackburn, 1901. Increasing knowledge concerning the diversity of male genitalic characters among Sporades spp. lends support to a recently proposed molecular phylogenetic hypothesis positing that Sporades evolved from within Trechodes. The consequences of the alternate phylogenetic hypotheses on their attendant nomenclature are discussed. An additional locality record for S. sexpunctatus Fauvel expands the known distribution of this species to include most of Grande Terre, New Caledonia.
doi:10.1163/1574-9347_bnp_e1119670 fatcat:pghuzfixhvhfve6imdsvjawe4q