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Sahin Metin, Sagirkaya Ali, Lok Neslihan, Bademli Kerime, Tav Kader Hicran, Lok Sefa
2017 Romania The journal is indexed in: Ebsco, SPORTDiscus, INDEX COPERNICUS JOURNAL MASTER LIST   unpublished
* Aim. This study was conducted to evaluate the relationship between the national sportsmen' physical activity levels and resilience Methods. The study is planned in a descriptive relational type. The research was conducted with national sportsmen who are interested in Taekwondo sports. The universe of the research was national sportsmen who played Taekwondo in all over Turkey and were over 18 years old. There were 165 sportsmen who agreed to participate in the research of the research sample
more » ... e research sample and returned with the questionnaires. In gathering the data; Information form prepared by researchers questioning socio-demographic information of sportsman and "International Physical Activity Questionnaire" and "Resilience Scale for Adults" were used. Results: When the socio-demographic characteristics of the sportsmen are examined, 56.97% of them are male, 44.23% are students, 67.89% are high school and above graduates and 41.23% are 16 years and over. When the physical activity level of the sportsmen was examined, it was determined that 23.04% of them had minimal activity and 76.96% had very active physical activity. The score average of the resilience score of the sportsmen was calculated as 134.24 ± 6.48. When the demographic characteristics of the sportsmen were compared with the resilience score averages, it was found that male (p <0.05), students (p <0.05), high school and above education level (p <0.050.05) and those who were very active in terms of physical activity (p <0.05) were found to have higher resilience scores. Conclusions. In terms of resilience, women, self-employed and primary school graduates are at risk. Resilience is less risky for doing sports and having minimal physical activity. Regular and long-term Taekwondo sports have been shown to positively influence psychological well-being. When physical activity increased resilience level has also increased in the positive direction.