Development of an Advanced Information System to Prevent Uterine Myoma in Adult Women

Seong-Ran Lee
2015 unpublished
This paper is to develop an advanced information system to prevent uterine myoma in adult women. The subjects of this paper were 148 patients who had visited a general hospital which located in Metropolitan area. The pairwise t-test was done to compare the before and after intervention effect of health status rate in mymoa patients. As a result, first, in terms of menstrual discomfort, subjects' score(18.62±1.97) after application significantly decreased than subjects(29.65±1.34) before
more » ... .34) before application(t=3.76, p=.000). Second, the follow-up survey showed significantly higher level in the experimental group than the control group, regardless of the time elapsed of 30 days after application as compared with previous status(p<0.05). In conclusion, this experimental study will be used frequently for the prevention of myoma and verification of new research. This information system will contribute to reduction of costs, improvement of operational efficiency, and mostly fundamental prevention of myoma.
doi:10.14257/astl.2015.91.02 fatcat:43bmzekbyfdgzlvgc7u267vwky