1890 Scientific American  
The City 01" Paris. ITOn condudes that, whatever may have been the immediate cause of the breakdown of the starboard engine of the City of Paris, considerable Illay be learned fro III the accident. In the first place, the transverse bulkheads have proved their ability to keep the vessel $dtutific l\mttitau. 313 ETCHING. the end of the first length, he pushed it out on the sur-ETCHING METALS. face of Lake Champlain, and connected the second There are two ways of etching metals, which produce
more » ... th, pushing this out in turn, until the whole line different effects. According to one method, the design I was coupled.
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican05171890-313a fatcat:imwbqh3vvfh23lxn4rcskz26um