Deepa Mani
2016 International Journal Of Pharmacy & Technology   unpublished
This paper reviews some of the adoptions that climb in formulating Adaptor Grammars (AGs) and its associated implication techniques. It shows that they can have anexaggerated impact on concert of morphological analysis. Morphology is an assortment of non-linear processes which is correlated to the shape in an image. Morphological analysis is the field of research that investigates the connection between two different domains. Adaptor Grammar provides the useful setup for describing some
more » ... ribing some techniques like Non-Parametric Bayesian modelling framework, Pitman-Yor Process (PYP), unsupervised adaptor grammar, Simple Range Concatenating Grammar (SRCG), Pitman-Yor Adaptor Grammar (PYAG). In this paper, we briefly discourse the use of adaptor grammar for morphological analysis. In this regard, we make an endeavour to explore the working nature, applications, performance and accuracy of various techniques like Erosion and Dilation, Compound operations, Hit-Or-Miss transformation, Thinning, Thicken. These are prevailing utensils for extracting the features from an image. This paper investigates some of the choices that arise in formulating adaptor grammar and associated inference procedures.