Global Prevalence Estimates of Toxascaris leonina Infection in Dogs and Cats

Ali Rostami, Seyed Mohammad Riahi, Vahid Fallah Omrani, Tao Wang, Andreas Hofmann, Aliyar Mirzapour, Masoud Foroutan, Yadolah Fakhri, Calum N. L. Macpherson, Robin B. Gasser
2020 Pathogens  
Toxascaris leonina is an ascaridoid nematode of dogs and cats; this parasite affects the health of these animals. This study estimated the global prevalence of Ta. leonina infection in dogs and cats using random effects meta-analysis as well as subgroup, meta-regression and heterogeneity analyses. The data were stratified according to geographical region, the type of dogs and cats and environmental variables. A quantitative analysis of 135 published studies, involving 119,317 dogs and 25,364
more » ... dogs and 25,364 cats, estimated prevalence rates of Ta. leonina in dogs and cats at 2.9% and 3.4%, respectively. Prevalence was highest in the Eastern Mediterranean region (7.2% for dogs and 10.0% for cats) and was significantly higher in stray dogs (7.0% vs. 1.5%) and stray cats (7.5% vs. 1.8%) than in pets. The findings indicate that, worldwide, ~26 million dogs and ~23 million cats are infected with Ta. leonina; these animals would shed substantial numbers of Ta. leonina eggs into the environment each year and might represent reservoirs of infection to other accidental or paratenic hosts. It is important that populations of dogs and cats as well as other canids and felids be monitored and dewormed for Ta. leonina and (other) zoonotic helminths.
doi:10.3390/pathogens9060503 pmid:32585956 fatcat:z6sum42znvbyphuvuhey2ahgja