Spatial distribution characteristics of the dust emitted at different cutting speeds during MDF milling by image analysis

Yunqi Cui, Jian Yin, Yitong Cai, Huimin Wang, Nanfeng Zhu, Tao Ding
2022 Journal of Wood Science  
Wood dust produced in medium-density fiberboard (MDF) processing is a major occupational hazard in wood industry and may damage processing equipment. In many wood processing factories, dust collecting systems need to be optimized for the distributional and morphological characteristics of dust in the workshop so that economical and efficient dust control can be achieved. In this study, weighting, image analysis and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) were applied to explore the effects of
more » ... nt cutting speeds on the distribution and morphology of dust generated in MDF milling. The results showed that most dust particles were less than 100 μm and that the aspect ratios (AR) were between 0.6 and 0.7. There was significant difference in particle number size distribution (PNSD) between the dust at different sampling positions. Less amount of dust was located close to cutting center, and fine dust was more likely to appear far away from cutting center. Cutting speed was associated with PNSD, but had little effect on AR. The findings provide spatial distribution characteristics of MDF dust during milling, which can be helpful for optimizing cutting parameters and locating dust collecting hoods to minimize dust exposure.
doi:10.1186/s10086-022-02025-6 doaj:0b0e1dfef76c43909b0ab563696230d4 fatcat:uuhstzdlcvaphkmfbvv2xbl2my