) 26 Mazandaran province

Jamshid Charati, Afsaneh Fendereski, Nadia Alipour, Soraya Mohammadi, Ali Abbasi, Associate
2017 Iranian Journal of Health Sciences   unpublished
and Purpose: Disasters and traffic accidents as the leading causes of disability and death throughout the world are the most significant health problems which have usually been predictable and, therefore, possible to prevent. The present study, as the first attempt, was conducted to calculate the burden of life years lost due to early death caused by traffic accidents in Mazandaran Province. Materials and Methods: The current study was cross-sectional, and the data was collected from the center
more » ... of Mazandaran Legal Medicine. The number of years of life lost due to premature death was calculated by using the instructions GBD2010 age and gender composition of the province was taken in the last census in 2012 from the Statistical Center. Then the SPSS Software was used to key in all the collected information in order to perform the analysis. Results: Of the total population in 2015, 729 deaths were recorded due to car accidents with 77.9 percent of them being male. Mean age was 43.07±21.18 and 44.67±23.34 in women. The number of years of life lost due to premature death was 24972.7 years in men, 6965.3 years in women, and the total of two genders was 31938 years (10.6 years per thousand people) which were calculated, and it was the highest in the age group ranging from 20 to 24 years old. Discussion: According to the high rate of deaths from traffic accidents and damages resulted from it, and in order to reduce these losses, it is necessary to take appropriate preventive measures.