Seamless Rendering of Large Scale Terrain

Bao Song Deng, Tie Qing Deng, Rong Huan Yu, Jia Wei Yu
2012 Advanced Engineering Forum  
Terrain rendering has long been an active research topic in computer graphic and virtual reality. If large and detailed, digital terrains can be represented by a huge amount of data and therefore of graphical primitives to render in real-time. A dynamic, realistic and seamless rendering scheme for large scale terrain was proposed in this paper, based on successive LOD tiles and GPU acceleration. Multi-resolution girds and images were used for view-dependent data control and grid simplification,
more » ... rid simplification, and multi-thread mechanism was employed for visibility clipping and data exchange between memory and disk, at the same time, a seamless combination algorithm between tiles of terrain and texture was proposed. Experimental results of real scenes with open data and comparisons with traditional method demonstrate the efficiency and practicality of our method.
doi:10.4028/ fatcat:ahkz4foj3bdcbggfwwtvo66oea