A Film ProductionTourism 'Club di prodotto' to enhance territory competitiveness and cultural identity. 'I Sassi di Matera', a strategic niche in a global market

Francesco Citarella, Francesca Sorrentini
The first section of our study pivots on the theory that a Club di Prodotto (CdP), by promoting a unique tourist package in terms of territory specifics, constitutes an excellent opportunity for creating tout court, tourist destinations (as opposed to mere resorts). In particular, the Film Production Tourism CdP represents a common denominator in the process of expanding tourist initiatives and local development given that tourism and accessory activities concur in creating socio-economic
more » ... and enhanced quality of life. In short, the close relation between the private nature of the CdP association and the public sphere guarantees an innovative offer based on systemic and synergic scale intervention. The second section of our research analyzes the links between the Lucan region territory, film production tourism and initiatives required for local development. In this context, the area of 'I Sassi di Matera' for example, by virtue of its natural and cultural resources, is privileged by many film producers as a setting for their films. Our analysis has highlighted that planning and coordinated initiatives are essential for creating destinations that derive long term benefits from such policies. Moreover, by virtue of its relevant methodology, the advantages stemming from the creation of a Film Production Tourism CdP i.e. a distinct, integrated offer with a focus on potential strong points and uniqueness, would undoubtedly promote the image of Basilicata Region and its geographical specifics in order to respond to growing demand. L'intento della prima parte dello studio di ricerca è sostenere la tesi che il Club di Prodotto (CdP), promuovendo un pacchetto d'offerta unico nel suo genere e coerente con le peculiarità territoriali, costituisce un'opportunità che le realtà a vocazione turistica dovrebbero cogliere per differenziarsi e proporsi quale destinazione piuttosto che località. In particolare, il CdP Cineturismo rappresenta il comune denominatore tra gli obiettivi di espansione delle iniziative turis [...]
doi:10.13138/2039-2362/1410 fatcat:fzlgrxvatjdjbaz54bnagrob6y