Clove (Eugenia caryophyllus) essential oil in diets for Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) improves fillet quality

Cesar SARY, Fabiana CARBONERA, Ana Carolina Pelaes VITAL, Ana GUERRERO, Vanessa LEWANDOWSKI, Jesuí Vergílio VISENTAINER, Ivanor Nunes do PRADO, Ricardo Pereira RIBEIRO
2021 Food Science and Technology  
This study evaluated the effect of including clove essential oil (EOcl) in Nile tilapia diets on animal performance and antioxidant power, lipid oxidation, gene expression, texture, pH, color and sensory analysis in fillets. Three levels of EOcl in the diets were evaluated (0.70, 1.05 and 1.40 g/kg), provided over three periods before slaughtering the animals (15, 45 and 60 days). The antioxidant power in the diets increased after including EOcl. There was an interaction effect between the
more » ... and period of inclusion of EOcl on the antioxidant power and lipid oxidation of fillets stored up to 14 days after slaughter. Lipid oxidation was reduced by 43.3% compared with the control group. EOcl inclusion in the diet, regardless of level and period, improved texture and promote less gene expression of catalase and glutathione synthetase. This demonstrates that the antioxidant in the tilapia diet acts against the oxidative stress process. Considering the results for the interactions and parameters evaluated, including 1.05 g/kg of clove essential oil in the rations for 15 days before slaughter is indicated because it contributes to a higher fillet quality.
doi:10.1590/fst.60320 fatcat:mapgjfzrijcw5gflkzjmykfwsm