Renewable Energy-based Induction Motor Water flow control

2019 International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology  
Water flow measurement is very important in some specific applications like water craft, house hold applications, submarine and etc, in some applications renewable energy is used as source because it is pollution free and easily available, Solar panel yield is not sufficient to drive induction motor due to irregular temperature and irradiance, solar panel production improved by boost converter to control by using MPPT Controller, MPPT Controller controlled by different algorithms in that P&O
more » ... thms in that P&O Algorithm is design to maintain constant voltage, induction motor require AC supply but boost converter gives DC supply, to convert DC to AC by using IGBT inverter, water pump is connected to the induction motor through flow sensor, inverter firing angle control PWM technique, that PWM controller design by DSPIC30F4011,flow measurement by yfs201 flow sensor is used, result compare by Software and hardware Keywords: Induction motor, MPPT Controller, Water Pump, Flow Sensor
doi:10.35940/ijeat.b5150.129219 fatcat:5gegi55ucjg7bhivyaxgwwwxpm