J122032 Optimization of Shield Location in Electroplating Control Cell for LSI Fabrication
J122032 LSI製造における電気めっき制御槽のしゃへい板配置の最適化([J12203]解析・設計の高度化・最適化(3))

Yuji ABE, Yoshinao KISHIMOTO, Gaku MORITA, Yukiyoshi KOBAYASHI, Toshihisa OHTSUKA
2011 The Proceedings of Mechanical Engineering Congress Japan  
CopPer electroplating is generally used to forrn micro whing in LSI fabrication ・ In recent years , to form more complicate and finer winng , it is necessary to ensure uniformity ofpIating Mrn on LSI wafer for electroplating process . The thickness of 山 e plating film is propOrtional to current density on the plated surface. Theref ( 〕re contro − ng the current density on the plated surface is necessary to ensure fine clectroplating on LSI fabrication . In this study , an el troplating ceU has
more » ... eveloped to control the current density by movable shields . The movable shields are attached horizontally to the plated surface and control the current 且ow by changing their locations . The shield locations have been optimized by using Boundary Element Method ( BEM ) and quasi − Newton ' s method to uniform the current density distribution , To verify the effectiveness of the developcd cen , the experimental results by the cell and the simUlation results by BEM were compared .
doi:10.1299/jsmemecj.2011._j122032-1 fatcat:s2araza77bd2jnmkfw2vsw5nae