A New Parametric Function-Based Dynamic Lane Changing Trajectory Planning and Simulation Model

Md. Mijanoor Rahman, Mohd. Tahir Ismail, Norhashidah Awang, Majid Khan Majahar Ali
2021 Pertanika journal of science & technology  
Lane-changing (LC) problem may cause serious accidents or create a painful traffic jam at multi-lane roads. Existing LC simulation model was created with some limitations (less fitted, without velocity and acceleration profiles, high curvature) by using well known trajectory curve such as Hyperbolic Tangent Curve (HTC), Sine-Based Curve (SC), Polynomial Curve (PC). In this study, a new parametric curve had been proposed by using curvilinear coordinate system and fitted against Next Generation
more » ... mulation (NGSIM) real dataset. Further, new profiles of velocity and acceleration were designed using the proposed LC trajectory curve. The curvature of proposed model was zero-based curvature both at LC starting and ending points. This proposed curvature was compared with two models such as HTC and SC. The average root-mean-square-error of proposed model decreased with 1.84% for left LC and 15.48% for right LC compared to HTC model and 1.74% for left LC and 15.60% for right LC compared to SC model. Similarly, the proposed model for velocity and acceleration profiles improved significantly from PC model. The proposed parametric curve solves the gap and collision points of LC vehicle with a front vehicle and rear vehicle at target lane and can be used in real LC path planning.
doi:10.47836/pjst.29.1.12 fatcat:o4u5t7mptvb7fog4g4uv6ny72u