Modelling of multi-sectoral critical infrastructure interdependencies for vulnerability analysis

Jiwei Lin, Tso-Chien Pan
2022 Disaster Prevention and Resilience  
Critical infrastructure such as the transportation, power generation, water supply, telecommunications, security and health services/systems, etc. are essential for providing a reliable flow of goods and services, crucial to the functioning of the economy and society. These infrastructures are closely linked and dependent on one another, and these interdependencies need to be modelled in order to analyse the disruptions and vulnerabilities of critical infrastructure networks as a whole. With
more » ... reased, investment and complexity in the coupling of gas and electricity network, limitations and vulnerabilities of the coupled networks are becoming increasingly relevant to the operational planning of the critical infrastructures. Current modelling of a coupled gas and electricity network will be used in conjunction with nation input-output interdependency model to model physical critical infrastructures and critical infrastructure interdependencies, respectively. This research work will tackle two possible scenarios that might happen in the gas network while evaluating the cascading impact both in the physical model perspective and input-output interdependency model perspective. The results will provide insights on how disruption in the gas network affects the electricity grid and its corresponding economic impact on all economic sectors in a nation.
doi:10.20517/dpr.2021.05 fatcat:druzzfi4zrg43c3c547xbwc5gq