Effect of the Weaving Density of Aramid Fabrics on Their Resistance to Ballistic Impacts

Jung Seop Lim, Bum Hoon Lee, Chang Bae Lee, In-Sik Han
2012 Engineering  
Two Heracron ® woven fabrics, HT600-1 and HT600-2, were fabricated with different weaving densities and their resistance to ballistic impact was investigated. While HT600-1 was inherently stronger along the weft than HT600-2, the latter exhibited a higher tensile strength along the warp. Crimp values indicate that HT600-1, which possesses a relatively larger weft weaving density, induces an excess in the warp crimp ratio, thereby weakening the fabric along the warp. The dimensionless fiber
more » ... sionless fiber property U*, which is defined as the product of the specific fiber toughness and the strain wave velocity, was calculated for each fabric. The U* values of HT600-1 were lower than those of HT600-2; U* values along the warp of HT600-1 were extremely low. These analyses show that HT600-2 exhibited improved ballistic properties over those of HT600-1. These findings further indicate the existence of an optimal weave that would minimize damage to both yarn and fabric. Establishing these optimal conditions can be crucial in implementing better ballistic properties into fabrics.
doi:10.4236/eng.2012.412a119 fatcat:jslify2hzzh7lgztgvvtfqaiwm