Development of Dichelops furcatus (Hemiptera: Heteroptera: Pentatomidae) Reared on Spring Cereals Versus Soybean

Antônio R Panizzi, Tiago Lucini, Taynara Possebom
2018 Journal of Insect Science  
The performance and preferences of the stink bug, Dichelops furcatus (F.), for spring cereals (wheat, rye, triticale, oat, and barley) were compared in the laboratory to their preferred host crop, soybean pods. Nymphs took significantly less time to reach adulthood on soybean pods compared to those fed seed heads of the five spring cereals tested. Wheat and rye yielded the longest developmental times, while nymphs fed triticale, oat, or barley developed faster, but still not as fast as those
more » ... red on soybean pods. On all foods ≥78% of nymphs reached adulthood. Adult body weight was significantly greater on soybean pods than on any of the spring cereals, and adults increased in body weight on all food sources tested. Fecundity was significantly greater for females fed soybean pods than those reared on the cereals. Egg viability was ≥66.9% except for bugs fed triticale (31.4%). In general, adult D. furcatus preferred soybean pods to seed heads of spring cereals, with wheat being preferred over the other spring cereals.
doi:10.1093/jisesa/iey102 fatcat:i7qsamshf5hljlvnxitw5n5i6u