Yu. V. Loginova
2015 Bulletin of Kemerovo State University  
The research objective consists in an assessment of possible changes in the market at realization of various marketing strategies based on change of quality standards of goods properties. The paper considers the marketing strategies which are applied depending on concentration of marketing efforts considering psychological estimates of goods properties by consumers. Successful realization of the company's marketing strategy allows to influence the consumer's choice and respectively to change
more » ... situation in the market in the more beneficial way. Marketing strategies represent sequences of marketing actions realized during a certain period of time. When choosing a marketing strategy, it is important to assess the situation in the market at the moment of time, and also to forecast. This paper considers the marketing strategies whose realization causes change in standards of goods properties. The methodology of research is presented by carrying out a series of dynamic experiments. Dynamic experiments imply change of quality standards of goods properties as a result of applied marketing actions within a marketing strategy. In each series of experiments realization of a certain marketing strategy for assessment of the situation in the market depending on its application is considered. Thr marketing strategy considered within an experiment is opposed to other strategies. Depending on applied marketing strategy on the basis of complex probability model it is possible to define changes in the market and possible shares. As a result of dynamic experiments the most effective marketing strategy for both players of the market is revealed. It is the strategy of maximum intensification of marketing efforts. When implementing this marketing strategy for the improvement of quality indicators of goods properties, the quality of the applied marketing action is important. The results of the research can be used in theoretical and practical marketing.
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