Surface Potential of the Air/Water Interface

Cuong V. Nguyen, Hiromichi Nakahara, Chi M. Phan
2020 Journal of Oleo Science  
The surface charge/surface potential of the air/water interface plays a key role in many natural and industrial processes. Since the first decade of the 20th century, there are many theoretical proposals to describe the surface charge in the presence of different moieties. However, a complete and consistent description of the interfacial layer remains elusive. More recently, the theoretical frameworks and experimental data get complementary support from the simulation at a molecular level. This
more » ... paper reviews the recent developments from the theoretical, experimental and simulation aspects. The combined results indicated that the interaction between hydration shells of adsorbed ions and the H-bonds network of surface water plays a critical role in the ionic adsorption. The factor should be incorporated into the conventional theories to correctly predict the ion distribution near the air/water surface.
doi:10.5650/jos.ess20024 pmid:32404551 fatcat:g5gqp3novvccdb2n6qnjyo53qy