Intrasystem Electromagnetic Compatibility Analysis Program. Volume III. Computer Program Documentation [report]

J. L. Bogdanor, C. E. Clark, R. A. Pearlman, R. E. Plummer, C. D. Skouby
1974 unpublished
CONTROLLING OFFICE NAME AND ADDRESS ____ ISCURITY CLASMiOICATION OP THIS PAOE(Vhabf Data 3aRetO 20. AI'STRACT (continued) ) iystems, and ground-based systems. Extensive knowledge of computers ic not required to use the program, and all inputs are in easy-to-use, free-field format. The program incorporates analytical mth models to perform four analysis tasks: generation of EKC specification limits tailored to a specific system, analysis for granting waivers to the specifications, survey of the
more » ... stem for interference, and comparative analysis to aid in trade-off decisions. Math models are included covering a large number of source signal waveforms and RF modulation types, receptor types, and transfer modes between sources and receptors. Models are also included for effects of environmental electromagnetic fields. \I \I I UNCLASSIFIED SI C 4Y LAbSI:t Al It)N OF YH11 PA(44'Whw, D/t. Em-d) PRE1FACIE
doi:10.21236/ada008528 fatcat:qeqypluv3jcdtioasp33uf5ixe