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Hundreds of Austin marathoners circle a median In front of the LBJ Saturday. UT cross country runner Dave Flnnestad finished in first i brarV-Almost 2,000 runners entered the 3-mile '40 Acres Fun Run' place with a time of 14:23 over the three-mile course. Disclosure due Monday NRC to enact nuclear moratorium WASHINGTON (UPI) -The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has decided not to resume licensing nuclear power plants until it adopts a new set of safety, siting and emergency standards, it was
more » ... ted Sunday. The Washington Post said the NRC decision not to grant any operating or con struction licenses until the new standards are adopted will prolong well into 1980 a de facto moratorium on nuclear licenses that has been in effect since the Three Mile Island accident last March. The NRC action was to be formally disclosed to a House energy subcommittee Monday, the newspaper said. Just how long the moratorium will last depends how fast the NRC can draft the new licensing regulations, it said. The commission has decided it needs "a pause" to implement the lessons learn ed during Three Mile Island accident in operating plants, and then to sift through safety recommendations made by a presidential commission that looked into the incident, an NRC official was quoted as saying. "Operating plants have got to be our first priority ... but if it all goes well, I would think we could (resum e licensing) by the springtime of 1980," said Harold Denton, director of nuclear reactor regulation, in an interview with the Post. At least four and as m any as seven of the 92 nuclear plants under construction will be stalled indefinitely by the NRC decision, the newspaper said. The New York Tim es said a d raft report by an international study group concludes as many as 1,000 nuclear plants m ay be built around the world by the year 2000 and result in a dram atic, unavoidable increase in available supplies of bomb-grade nuclear m aterial The study of security risks associated with the spread of nuclear power was made by five international organizations and 66 nations under auspices of the International N uclear F^uel Cycle Evaluation Conference convened in 1977 by President C arter. The JMmes said it obtained a copy of a draft report summarizing its conclusions, which is being circulated among participating governments pen ding a final m eeting of the conference scheduled for next month in Vienna. l / i n x i , Citizen discovers contract not on file I ' 1-111 \|. dealing with UT/council relationship By JENNY ABDO University Reporter K LR N /U public telev iso n sta tio n s have been operating for 11 years without a filed contract with the Federal Communication Commission defining the relationship between the University and the station's governing board, an Austin area resident has dis covered. Neil Feldman, a former station manager of WRUW-FM in Cleveland and a former member of the Com mittee to Save KLRN, said he has found that station management has "deliberately misled the FCC" about the relationship between the University and the Southwest Texas Public Broadcasting Council, the station's license holder. After examining documents contained within the KLRU public file, Feldman said, "I found a pattern of consistent and deliberate misrepresentation of the ex istence of a contract dealing with the management relationship between UT and the council." Feldman sent a letter describing his findings to the FCC on Oct. 20 and sent accompanying documents last week. Failure to file a contract is subject to violation of sec tion 1.343 4A of the FCC's rules and regulations. The section states that in all cases of licensees, "A list of all contracts still in effect are required to be filed with the Commission showing the date of execution and expiration of each contract." The contract that was originally filed with the FCC was executed June 1, 1960, but expired in 1968. Although the station claim s a 1961 contract was filed with the FCC superseding the 1960 contract, evidence substantiating the claim is missing from the public file. Feldman also found on FCC license renewal forms that the station consistently stated that no contract ex isted between the Southwest Texas Public Broadcasting Council and the University. The forms state that false information is subject to criminal violation. In Feldman's letter to the FCC, he stated, "The renewal FCC form 343, filed April 28,1965, falsely states that there are no documents, instruments, contracts or understandings relating to ownership, use or control of the station facilities, or any right or interest therein.' " Ownership reports and renewal applications from April 18, 1968. through March 15,1977, consistently deny the existence of a contract. Feldman requested from the station's public file a copy of the document stating that the station had filed the 1961 contract with the FCC, but Glenn Sawyer, assis tant chief engineer of the Communication Center, said Sunday, "I did not find any such letter. But I wonder if (See KLRN, Page 5.) Union board helps set election guidelines By JOE TEDINO Dally Texan Staff Quality Italian Food
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