The prosody of interrogative and focus constructions in Navajo [chapter]

Joyce McDonough
2003 Linguistics Today  
This paper is an instrumental documentation of the tonal contours of two types of pragmatic constructions in Navajo to investigate observations by native speaking linguists (Willie p.c., Austin-Garrison p.c.) that Navajo has no tonal intonation, and the predictions made by syntacticans (Jelinek 1989 , Hale, Jelinek & Willie 2001 who have claimed that the lack of focus intonation is predicted by the features of Navajo's argument structure. We found no systematic pitch perturbations that
more » ... tions that differentiate Yes/No questions and Focus constructions from their declarative counterparts. The evidence lays open the question of the relationship of the tonal prosody to syntactic features that generate the pattern and to the parameters of intonation, accentuation and metrical structure.
doi:10.1075/la.62.15mcd fatcat:gzvjxzux35cfvh7hguikpjhpc4