Exponential Disruptive Technologies and the Required Skills of Industry 4.0: A Review [post]

Ocident Bongomin, Gilbert Gilibrays Ocen, Eric Oyondi Nganyi, Alex Musinguzi, Timothy Omara
2019 unpublished
The 21st century has witnessed precipitous changes spanning from the way of life to the technologies that emerged. We have entered a nascent paradigm shift (industry 4.0) where science fictions have become science facts, and technology fusion is the main driver. Thus, ensuring that any advancement in technology reach and benefit all is the ideal opportunity for everyone. In this study, disruptive technologies of industry 4.0 was explored and quantified in terms of the number of their
more » ... in published literature. The study aimed at identifying industry 4.0 key technologies which have been ill-defined by previous researchers and to enumerate the required skills of industry 4.0. Comprehensive literature survey covering the field of engineering, production, and management was done from multidisciplinary databases: Google scholar, ScienceDirect, Scopus, Sage, Taylor & Francis and Emerald insight. Results of the electronic survey showed that 35 disruptive technologies were quantified and 13 key technologies: Internet of things, Big data, 3D printing, Cloud computing, Autonomous robots, Virtual and Augmented reality, Cyber physical system, Artificial intelligence, Smart sensors, Simulation, Nanotechnology, Drones and Biotechnology were identified. Both technical and personal skills to be imparted into the human workforce for industry 4.0 were reported. The study identified the need to investigate the capability and the readiness of developing countries in adapting industry 4.0 in terms of the changes in the education systems and industrial manufacturing settings. The study proposes the need to address integration of industry 4.0 concepts into the current education system.
doi:10.20944/preprints201910.0240.v2 fatcat:qwpxzj53xnautiojjxhrrqgj6q